Chynna Cuellar, PA-C

Meet Our Care Team Chynna Cuellar, PA-C Specialties: Men’s Health Locations: Triage Nurse: 317-564-5104 Chynna was born and raised in Texas. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio and her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. She will receive her Doctorate… Continue reading Chynna Cuellar, PA-C

Kristen Gumpf, PA-C

Meet Our Care Team Kristen Gumpf, PA-C Specialties: Urology Locations: Triage Nurse: 317-564-5104

Kris Jensen, PA-C

Meet Our Care Team Kris Jensen, PA-C Specialties: General Urology Locations: Triage Nurse: 317-564-5104 Kris was born in Highland Park, Illinois, and joined the US Army in 1982. He served as a Special Forces Operator and team medic for 10 years. He is a graduate of the Special Forces Medical School at both Ft. Sam… Continue reading Kris Jensen, PA-C

Kyle Kraber, PA-C, ED

Meet Our Care Team Kyle Kraber, PA-C, ED Specialties: Urology Locations: Triage Nurse: 317-564-5104 Kyle was born in Ohio, and joined the US Navy as a corpsman after high school. He later moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where he worked as a cardiology tech and Air National Guardsman. He received his bachelors in biology and… Continue reading Kyle Kraber, PA-C, ED

Alexander J. Tatem, MD

Meet Our Care Team Alexander J. Tatem, MD Urologist Specialties: Vasectomy Reversal, Peyronie’s Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Male Fertility, Men’s Health, Penile Implants Locations: Triage Nurse: 317-564-5104 Dr. Alexander J. Tatem is originally from Savannah, Georgia. He enjoys traveling with his wife, hiking, snowboarding, photography, and spending time with friends and family. Education: Dr.… Continue reading Alexander J. Tatem, MD