Mobile PET-CT Scan

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Urology of Indiana offers a mobile PET-CT scanner that travels between our Fishers MedTech Park and Greenwood office locations. This scanner enables us to improve how we detect and treat Prostate Cancer by utilizing PSMA Pet Imaging (Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen).

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A PSMA PET-CT scan is a type of nuclear medicine imaging test used to detect prostate cancer throughout the body.

It uses a small, safe amount of radioactive material called a tracer that targets a protein called PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen) expressed by prostate cancer. This tracer binds to the prostate cancer cells, thus making it easy to image and potentially find the disease in its earliest stages.

The PSMA PET-CT scan machine is open around you, does not touch you and is not confining. It should not be confused with an MRI scanner that is more of a tunnel-type structure. Even patients with claustrophobia find PSMA PET-CT scans simple and easy.

The technologist will review your history and take you into the PET-CT scan room. You will receive an injection of a tracer and sit in our PET-CT waiting area for approximately one hour. This allows the tracer to distribute throughout your body. Then, the technologist will bring you back into the PET-CT scan room, where you will lie on the scanner table. You will be provided instructions throughout the exam and asked to remain as still as possible, as any movement can blur imaging. The images are fed into a computer which displays images for the radiologist to interpret. The scan can take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

After the test, you will be able to resume all normal activities. There should be no side effects. You will be able to drive unless you were pre-medicated for your scan. We recommend drinking plenty of liquids/water after the scan is complete. This helps to quickly flush the tracer from your body to ensure you do not become dehydrated.

For study information or if you need to cancel your test, please call 317-885-1250 Ext. 1

  • Avoid significant or strenuous exercise at least one day prior to your study.
  • Be well hydrated the day before and the day of your study.
  • Pre-medications: If you were prescribed oral sedation medication to take prior to your study – it will be electronically sent to your pharmacy. Take it as prescribed, and have a driver on the day of your study.
  • Your entire visit for this study will last about 2 hours.
  • There are no dietary, medication or clothing restrictions.
  • Materials for this study are ordered beforehand and are time-sensitive; please make accommodations to keep your scheduled appointment.

A board certified Radiologist will review the PSMA PET-CT images and send a report to the UOI ordering physician. Your urologist will discuss the results at your follow-up appointment. Your images will be kept on file in our digital radiology imaging system.

Click this link and download our PET-CT PSMA patient guide before your appointment.

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