Urology of Indiana Performs First Urologic Surgery In Indiana on da Vinci Single Port Robotic System

da Vinci Single Port Robotic System
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Urology of Indiana Urologic Surgeons Robert Batler, MD and Jason Sprunger, MD recently performed the first urologic surgery in the state of Indiana on the da Vinci Single Port (SP) robotic system. The surgery performed was a pyeloplasty to repair and reconstruct a patient’s kidney.

“This is both exciting and groundbreaking because two of our physicians (David Hollensbe, MD and John Scott, MD) actually performed one of the first robotic surgeries in Indiana 20 years ago. They did the very first robotic adrenalectomy (removal of the adrenal glands) late in 2002. The Single Port is the ‘next generation’ of the da Vinci system and has once again changed the way surgery is performed,” says Robert Batler, MD.

The da Vinci is used for almost every urologic pelvic and abdominal surgery, such as prostate removal for cancer, removal of the bladder or kidney due to cancer and for kidney drainage repair. It is also used for lymph node removal and repair of a prolapsed bladder. Da Vinci is preferred over other surgical techniques because it is minimally-invasive and provides better vision and ergonomics for the surgeon.

“This next-generation Single Port platform now enables us to perform robotic-assisted surgery through a single port – which means one incision. Therefore, we were able to make one incision rather than five or six on this particular surgery we performed. What this means for the patient is faster healing and recovery, less post-operative pain and more esthetic scar positioning. Our urologic surgeons operate utilizing da Vinci every day across multiple hospital systems in central Indiana, so this new technology will be a great benefit to many patients,” says Jason Sprunger, MD.

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