Urology of Indiana Charitable Fund Makes Donation to the Central Indiana Community Foundation’s Neighbor Relief Fund

Central Indiana Community Foundation's Neighbor Relief Fund Donation
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The Urology of Indiana Charitable Fund donated $10,000 to the Central Indiana Community Foundation’s (CICF) Neighbor Relief Fund. The fund provided COVID-19 relief direct support to residents through neighborhood-based, grassroots organizations that were already on the front line but had limited resources to meet community needs.

“The fund specifically targeted high-risk senior populations, residents without health insurance, those with limited English-speaking proficiency, low-wage and hourly workers, children and youth and communities of color. It was meant to alleviate or relieve financial stressors either directly or indirectly triggered by the pandemic,” said Alicia J. Collins, CICF Community Leadership Director.

She added that the communities hardest hit by COVID-19 were hurting before the pandemic. CICF felt it was important to target their limited resources to people in the places they believed needed it most and with no bureaucracy. “COVID-19 was the momentum, and the CICF portal enabled us to mobilize quickly and respond directly to resident’s needs. The Neighbor Relief Fund allowed us to fulfill that opportunity. Eighty-two percent of all dollars were distributed to direct resident support efforts – which included rent and utility assistance, transportation credits and food,” Collins added.

“This relief fund enabled us to have a direct impact on people in our communities who needed assistance. We were grateful for the opportunity to help,” said Britt McDermott, Chief Executive Officer at Urology of Indiana.