Spend 3 Days On the Couch Watching Basketball

Schedule Your Vasectomy at Urology of Indiana
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Considering a Vasectomy? Now is a great time. Schedule your vasectomy at Urology of Indiana for a Thursday or Friday, then sit back, relax, and catch some games over the weekend while you recover.

This is wife-approved couch time!

Our Board Certified Urologists perform vasectomies every day of the week. They use a variety of techniques, including “no scalpel” and “single incision”, and our procedures take only about 10-20 minutes. Urology of Indiana has multiple vasectomy clinics, so chances are good there’s one close to you.

Schedule your Vasectomy here. https://www.urologyin.com/services/schedule-vasectomy

Or, call Urology of Indiana today to schedule an appointment.