My Medical Locker Automated Portal Setup Using Text Message / Email Sent to You

1. You will receive a text/email containing your 9-digit code access code and a link to My Medical Locker.

  • Select the link in the email or text message to mymedicallocker.

2. You will create an account by selecting the “Sign Up” blue text below the “Sign In” blue button.

3. Using your cell phone number with no dashes or spaces, enter it in the User ID section.

  • If you do not have a cell phone number that receives text messages, you may use an email address.
  • You may need to verify that you are not a robot by selecting on a series of pictures.
  • After verification, select Create Account.

4. Once you have created your account, you will receive a verification link via text or email to verify it’s a valid contact method.

  • Select Finish Registration to complete your registration process.

5. You will be asked if you have an access key from the practice and will choose “yes.”

  • The access key is the 9-digit code that was sent to you via text message or email link to start the registration process.

6. You will enter the access code as prompted and select Next.

7. You will be required to verify specific identifier information on file with the practice.

8. After you have verified your identity on file with the practice, select connect and you will be connected to your patient portal.