Core Values

Why We Exist…

We exist to provide the highest quality, comprehensive urologic care to our patients and referring physicians through the delivery of state-of-the-art clinical services, applied clinical research, and continued medical education. This will be done in a compassionate, rewarding and satisfying manner for patients, staff and physicians.

We Are Committed to 5 Core Values


We act with kindness and compassion toward all we serve – regardless of their background and situation. Compassion makes it easier for us to understand where people are coming from and makes it more likely to surface their underlying needs.


We strive to provide our patients and team members with the best care possible. To accomplish this, we must be trustworthy and accountable in our work. By being true to our word and owning our mistakes, we are able to achieve this commitment.


At Urology of Indiana, we must be creative in our ability to adapt to constant change. We approach all situations with an opportunity to help and learn. Understanding that our ability to manage our own outcomes can significantly impact the outcomes for others.


We have a great deal of respect for patients. We understand that without them, we would not be here. At the same time, we recognize that we are stronger together than each of us individually. We show our pride by working together toward great outcomes and delivering on our promises.


Professionalism is the foundation of knowledge, resourcefulness, and attitude. We will be curious to enhance our ability to provide excellent service and care within Urology of Indiana and throughout our community.