Urology of Indiana Recognizes July 2023 Employee CAARE Recognition Winner

Urology of Indiana Employee CAARE Award Tonya Davidson
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Urology of Indiana recently announced our quarterly CAARE Recognition winner. This Program reflects our core values: Compassion, Adaptability, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. While we strive to exemplify these values on a daily basis, we created a program to recognize individuals that go above and beyond for our organization with their dedication and hard work.

Tonya Davidson, Medical Assistant

Tonya Davidson is the kind of person that any organization would find extremely beneficial and incredibly lucky to have. A seasoned vet for Urology of Indiana, she goes above and beyond for patients and people both professionally and personally. Her positive attitude is contagious. Her dedication is admirable. Most importantly, her value in her team is exemplary and praiseworthy. Tonya’s kindness was immediately noticed by me personally.

I was the newest member to UOI earlier in the year, and I was greeted with the warmest welcome by everyone. Tonya made my transition as a newbie wonderful by never treating me as if I was new, but instead, treating me as a part of the team. She went above and beyond ensuring all questions were answered and took the time to reiterate anything that I needed her to.

She has been instrumental and a major contributor to smooth office operations. Her encouragement has made my transition to a new organization amazing and unforgettable. She truly exemplifies and displays the characteristics for a symbiotic and harmonious team.