Urology of Indiana Recognizes January 2023 Employee CAARE Recognition Winner

Urology of Indiana Employee CAARE Award Angela Holland
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Urology of Indiana recently announced our quarterly CAARE Recognition winner. This Program reflects our core values: Compassion, Adaptability, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. While we strive to exemplify these values on a daily basis, we created a program to recognize individuals that go above and beyond for our organization with their dedication and hard work.

Angela Holland, Medical Assistant Team Lead

Medical Assistant Team Lead, Angela Holland, has many roles and responsibilities at Urology of Indiana, and in each of those she exemplifies and even defines CAARE for UOI and her colleagues. She provides Compassion through her dedication and follow-through, explaining test results, answering questions for patients and working them in if they are having problems.

Angela shows Accountability making sure the office is running smoothly, having answers and plans for every anticipated and unanticipated aspect of a busy day in the office. She displays supreme Adaptability, filling in for any role due to illness or short-staffing, coming in early or staying late, and can and has essentially done every job in the office. She has the Respect of her peers, and respects her peers in kind, ensuring the team is working together in an environment that is fun, productive and great for patient care. Finally, she defines Excellence through the high level of skill she displays at her job, her commitment to her peers and the leadership she provides for the office. Angela is very deserving of the CAARE award!