Urology of Indiana Recognizes Employee CAARE Recognition Winners

Urology of Indiana Employee CAARE Awards Jennette Rader Sam Raisor Jennifer Rogers Shirley Rowser
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Urology of Indiana recently announced our quarterly CAARE Recognition winners. This Program reflects our core values: Compassion, Adaptability, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. While we strive to exemplify these values on a daily basis, we created a program to recognize individuals that go above and beyond for our organization with their dedication and hard work.

Jennette Rader: Hospital Coordinator

Jennette has been a loyal, steady, extremely valuable asset to Urology of Indiana. She clearly shines and excels in her current role. She provides outstanding care and service to the physicians providing accurate and timely information for consults, keeps the hospital list accurate and up-to-date, communicates effectively with patients, physicians and Emergency Rooms calling for consults to be seen. Jennette is as adaptable and accountable as an employee can be. She is always gracious, kind and professional.

She respects her position, the doctors she serves, the patients she helps and the hospital staff with whom she communicates.

She simply is Excellent in all she does. We, the doctors who have been around since the early days are so proud of her with all she has accomplished in her tenure with us. Her loyalty and value to Urology of Indiana is unparalleled.

Sam Raisor: Medical Assistant Team Lead

Sam is always very helpful; if anything needs to be done, she can be counted on. I have seen her reach out to triage to see if help is needed with call-backs to patients. She is known to stock rooms, stay late to get everything done and help with orders that need to be signed by the doctor and faxed out.

You don’t ever see Sam sitting around doing nothing.

She is always smiling at the patient and is very caring. Sam is pro-active and thinks ahead for things that need to be done or obtained.

Jennifer Rogers: AR Supervisor

Compassion: Jennifer is a reliable source of knowledge for ALL staff (front office, billing office, admin team, physicians). She takes time to listen and understand the individual’s needs and is mindful to communicate from a place of compassion.

Accountability: She has grown in her role as a leader, bringing corrective action when needed but also empowering the team member with the training and resources for improvement and success moving forward. She has taken great measures to communicate and work to resolve any perceived conflicts for the betterment of our team’s working relationships.

Adaptability: Jennifer has been instrumental with onboarding, training, monitoring progress, restructuring assignments to ensure adequate coverage, etc. all while keeping up with her own duties. She has done so with a positive attitude, never complains and keeps the focus on what has to get done.

Respect: She is very respectful and conducts herself in a professional manner with her team members, colleagues, management and external staff/contacts.

Excellence: Jennifer strives for excellence in her role. She seeks out feedback on her communications, shares and implements ideas for process improvements, and has made herself available for opportunities to participate in learning new things.

Shirley Rowser: Medical Assistant

Day in and day out I see Shirley go above and beyond not only for our providers, but our patients as well. I’m only a couple of months in with this position, so I’m still in the learning process on some days. She helps me anytime I have any type of question, or concern. One day I happened to be running a physician task by myself at the end of the day and got behind a little. She saw me struggling and stayed late to help. Not only did she stay, but she also helped me with the end-of-the-day duties that were very overwhelming at the time.

That’s just one great example. After I was hired, we hired another lady, and I constantly see her helping her out as well. Shirley is a great addition to this practice. I’m very grateful to be working alongside her, because I know I can always count on her wisdom and help.