I just adore Dr. Vaught! He has been the best Urologist I have ever been to. He was smart enough to look deeper into my CAT Scan results and found a huge mass on my ovary...now I have to go back to my wonderful Gynecologist and have surgery to have it removed. Great doctors are hard to find, but I've had great luck with them for sure!
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Dr. Mutone and Dr. Sprunger for their talent and compassion. I had a VVF and after a terrible 7 months, I finally have my life back and am able to take care of and enjoy my 3 precious children. The doctors and staff at Urology of Indiana are the best! Thank you again!
Thank you Dr. Scott for eliminating my terrible kidney pain this morning. Your surgery nurses were truly comforting in my moment of fear. And to the anesthesiologist that put me under even after I mentioned that I was a runner, much appreciation for the sleeping gas prior to any needles, thank you!
Everyone is professional & pleasant. They always make me feel comfortable about being there & discussing problems I may be having. Thank you for treating me like a person & not just another somebody.
Every phase of my visit went perfect.
Outstanding experience. Great doctor.
Everyone was great.
Talking to the doctor was like talking to a friend. Thank you and Bless.
Already have recommended you all! Everyone was wonderful and went out of his/her way to make me feel comfortable and cared about.
My goal was met because of your staff and Doctors care. Thank you!
The nurse and the doctor himself were very nice. They took their time to listen and answer questions. They also explained things.
Doctor was great, kind and caring!
My phone call was returned promptly, and she was able to fit me in on the same day. I was very pleased.
Excellent care on all my needs. The staff is very nice and friendly. All of them helped me achieve my goal. Thank you so much.
I already have recommended your practice to several friends.
Every contact made did an excellent job. Thank you very much.
Very comfortable with doctor. He took time to explain that if I needed him or had issues before next appointment to be sure to call.
Very well-run professional office!
For first-time visit I had great experience, friendly and knowledgeable staff; and Dr. Ludwig was excellent.
I like your electronic check-in.