Family complete?

Choose a no-scalpel vasectomy from Urology of Indiana Vasectomy Centers. Your partner will love you for it.

For many couples, a vasectomy is a practical choice in eliminating the risks of conceiving a child. Many couples also enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of not having to deal with other forms of contraception.

Should you and your partner decide it’s time for a vasectomy, trust the experienced physicians at Urology of Indiana Vasectomy Centers, part of the nation’s oldest continuously operating urology practice serving men throughout Indiana.

Vasectomy Consultation - What You Need to Know When Considering a Vasectomy 

A trusted provider.

When you choose Urology of Indiana Vasectomy Centers, you choose one of the state’s most trusted men’s health providers with the highest volume of vasectomies performed in the region — more than 2,000 vasectomies performed annually. Our physicians typically perform no-scalpel vasectomies making the process as painless as possible.

Why choose a vasectomy?

A vasectomy offers many advantages as a method of birth control. It is a highly effective one-time procedure that provides permanent contraception. Unlike female sterilization, vasectomy is much simpler and less expensive with a lower incidence of complications and higher success rates.

Reasons for considering vasectomy include:

  • Your family is complete and you do not wish to have any more children.
  • You want to enjoy sex without worry of pregnancy.
  • You and you partner have concerns about other forms of contraception.
  • A future pregnancy could be detrimental to your partner’s health.
  • You and your partner have decided a tubal sterilization is not the best choice.

A vasectomy is considered an elective procedure and can usually be completed on the same day as your appointment. Or if you are undecided, appointments are also available for those who seek more information. Let the health professionals at Vasectomy Centers help you and your partner enjoy a sexual relationship without worry of unwanted pregnancy.