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Urology of Indiana offers 30 urologists and 5 urogynecologists who see patients in 17 clinical office locations throughout central Indiana. We provide complete diagnosis and treatment for urologic disorders and diseases in men, women and children.

Kidney Stones

Many factors can contribute to your chance of having a kidney stone, including diet and fluid intake, where you live, or even your work environment. Read on »

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The pelvic floor can be damaged or compromised by childbirth, repeated heavy lifting, chronic disease or surgery. Read on »

Blood in Urine

Blood in the Urine, known as Hematuria, is a sign of a disorder in the genitourinary tract. Read on »

Kidney Stones: A Common Disease You Can Prevent

<br />Kidney Stones: A Common Disease You Can Prevent

They are so small but so painful. We are talking about kidney stones and those who have had them know how much pain they bring. Our kidneys normally excrete chemicals into urine but when our urine becomes too concentrated these substances don’t stay dissolved, and instead, crystals begin to build up inside the kidneys.

5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Kidneys

<br />5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Kidneys

Kidneys can be one the most overlooked organs in the body. Many believe that the only job of our kidneys is to make urine, but they also serve several important functions in order to keep us healthy. Our kidneys filter extra water and toxins out of our blood.

Male Infertility:
More Common Than
You Think

Male Infertility: <br />More Common Than <br />You Think

Male infertility is actually more common than you think and hence no longer an awkward topic to talk about. In fact, it is estimated that about 10% to 15% of couples can't get pregnant with unprotected sex.

What People Are Saying

Thank you Dr. Scott for eliminating my terrible kidney pain this morning. Your surgery nurses were truly comforting in my moment of fear. And to the anesthesiologist that put me under even after I mentioned that I was a runner, much appreciation for the sleeping gas prior to any needles, thank you!

Jason, Patient

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Dr. Mutone and Dr. Sprunger for their talent and compassion. I had a VVF and after a terrible 7 months, I finally have my life back and am able to take care of and enjoy my 3 precious children. The doctors and staff at Urology of Indiana are the best! Thank you again!"

Michelle, Patient

I just adore Dr. Vaught! He has been the best Urologist I have ever been to. He was smart enought to look deeper into my CAT Scan results and found a huge mass on my I have to go back to my wonderful Gynecologist and have surgery to have it removed. Great doctors are hard to find, but I've had great luck with them for sure!

Mary, Patient

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